Will we go before the Gladiators? Or fight among ourselves? Will we argue over who is who?and what is what? :[
All the power in the universe cannot equal the frequency of love :)
Crisis creates an opportunity designed to shatter patterns of rigid behaviour, which do not fall away simply because we get up on a quiet morning and say "Ah,today i think i will give up everything." That is a logical decision; the change occurs through feelings, often through creating a crisis where we must use our will, heart and mind to redesign our lives :]
The lower the frequency, the less rapid the vibration occurs within a parallel or similar slice of time. However, when we start to vibrate more rapidly in the third dimensional world, we can span many realities and access greater healing abilities from within :)
Those who are mountain climbers know that when you are at the top of a mountain, the energies are rarefied and often great clarity comes to those who climb. Mountain climbers sometimes carry burdens or problems on their backs, and when they get to the top of the mountain they have solutions. Mountains serve as huge antennas reaching up into the atmosphere-remember your atmosphere is imprinted with life-and so you climb the mountains to breathe the most rarefied of air, clear your head and reach the peak where all exsistence can be seen :)
Do not ignore challenges or difficulties, and in looking at the purpose of the dark, we will see a need to heal. A time will come when we will be called upon to be great visionaries, to imagine an outcome that may seem impossible and to trust ourselves with a faith that seems beyond what we could ever imagine. All over the world Chaos will reign. Chaos can arouse fear, however fear is a choice. In times past, in times sumultaneous, and even in times of the future, there are those who chose fear. What do we choose? Victims or Creators? :]
Chaos is part of the time of change; it is a dismantling process and a time of confusion, where one is not certain of anything, except for a certain aliveness that accompanies its arrival :]
As we learn to read energy, we will recognize it as our inheritence of power; and as we become managers of energy, we will see the aliveness and purposefulness of existence and that deception cannot hold truth. And what, we may ask is truth? Truth is where no secrets are kept, that is truth. Remember, the truth is important, and the truth is always based on our experience and perpsective :]
The world is still a place of mystery, holding a multitude of territories that have barely been explored. We are like a drop of water that considers itself whole, yet is part of a great ocean. We have to expand to understand that we are connected to something massive.....exsistence :)
As we expand our ability to produce and experience various frequencies, the simple act of running our hand over any of the ancient symbols (stars,suns,moons,serpants,geometric shapes,squiggly lines and dots), and of seeing them before our eyes will be enough to open the library doors where symbols will become whole lessons, like encyclopedias of knowledge based on frequency. When we emit our frequency while looking at these symbols, it can open an area of knowledge that our ancestors left to prepare us for this time of opportunity and change :)
What is healing and how do we know when we are healed? A flow of energy accompanies a healing. This flow of energy fills us with confidence and faith to move forward; it is a connection to spirit, a connection to all exsistence. And healing is reinterpreting what we believe happenend to us :]
Remember; Thought is the vehicle through which we will learn to fly :)
One of our visions for the future can be to create a utopian exsistence where light and dark harmonize, where all is allowed and yet all is respected, where rules are not broken because they are agreed upon, and where unity exsists :)
It is not the question that is difficult only the answer, but how we ask those questions and to whom or what is important! :]
Does a particular theory, law, experiment, observation help us emotionally to inhabit the world? Does it speak to the creative needs of the soul and the imperatives of social and cosmic community :]
Man must first free his awareness from its social bindings to the social order. Once awareness is free, intent will redirect it into a new evolutionary path :)
Enlightenment is understanding that there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody you have to be except exactly who your're being right now.