www.cropcircleconnector.com - crop circle heaven

www.last.fm/music/danz+muzik+terrarizt- Muzik from The Danz Muzik Terrarizt,check out mighty grooves.

http://dmt4u.tripod.com - Danz Muzik Terrarizt - mp3's

www.432.org.uk - Phychedelic trance from the Danz Muzik Terrarizt.

www.chinte.net - great karate web site

www.shpangled.co.uk - trance,ambient and groovez from Shpangled

www.picturerealm.co.uk - Alternative Psychedelic and Fantasy Art.

www.vortexmaps.com - earth grid,vortexes,sacred sites,dan shaw and much more

www.cropcirclesjewelry.net- fantastic crop circle jewelry,pendants,charms and much more to check out.

www.megalithic.co.uk- a photo-guide to stone circles and other prehistoric sites with high-quality images, including many aerial

http://earthartandsoul.net - words of wisdom and spiritual art by Chrissy Hardman

www.circularsite.com - Janet Ossebaard crop circle site,everything you need to know 
about crop circles.Research,lectures,workshops,e-shop,organised tours..-