In ancient times people were aware of energy at sacred sites. There are many legends, myths and folk lores
surrounding these sites. There have been countless tales of stones appearing to glow, strange sounds, loss
of balance, dizziness and tingling from close contact with stones. So why do these phenomenon occur at 
these sites?
                Acupuncture originated in China. It teaches that the human body is traversed by flows of Ch'i along
lines known as meridians. Along these lines are accupuncture points which are stimulated by the insertion of
needles, balancing the body. There are strong parallels between energy in the
body and energy in the landscape. The sacred sites are the equivalent to
accupuncture points in the body, stimulating the Earth and keeping it in harmony.
               All these accupuncture points (standing stones, stone circles etc..) on 
Earth make up The Earth Grid. The nervous system and circulation of the planet,
a geometrically precise web punctuated with grids of light, focal points.
              Behind all concepts of The Grid is an ancient Mage and Geomancer
Hermes Trismegistos. The hermetic keys to The Grid are as follows :-
1.The principle of Mentalism (The all is infinite mind)
2.The principle of Correspondance (as above so below)
3.The principle of Vibration (everything moves and vibrates)
4.The principle of Polarity  (pairs of opposites)
5.The principle of Rhythum (everything has its rise and fall)
6.The principle of Causation (every cause has its affect)
7.The principle of Gender (everything has its male and female aspects)
               The Grid vibrates with our Life/Electromagnetic energy. We have 5
different bodies not just the physical, so does the Earth,those being :-
1.The Physical body.
2.The Electromagnetic body.
3.The Emotional body.
4.The Mental body.
5.The Causal body.
                 These 5 layers make up The Earth Grid.
   (roman steps)



The Electomagnetic Grid is the first level after the physical which most dowsers and geomancers tap into. This body energizes the Physical and is the bridge between Mind and Physical matter. Magnetic energy balances the flow of energy between two defined points. One of the key aspects of The Grid are The Nodes or Power Points (etheric energy canopies, Domes), which enclose sacred sites. They are like transdimensional energy facilities overlaid on the physical landscape. These 'Nodes' (Domes), are of varying sizes and functions arranged on the planet in a numerically fixed matrix. The purpose of the Nodes(Domes) is to bring Earth to biologiacal sentient life. The Nodes(Domes) are the originating homes of Ley Lines, which are lines of energy connecting one Node to another, making a light matrix around the planet. The major Nodes(Domes) on the planet feed the smaller. The Nodes and Ley Lines were and are marked with stone circles, stone chambers, major temples, barrows and standing stones by ancient geomancers, some of which have been disturbed hence reducing the power of The Grid. In many cases stone devices, electromagnetically adjusted, were positioned at energy (node) sites to facilitate sonic reception. These major sites were calibrated electromagnetically to the conciousness and life support needs of humans and biosphere. Many believe, The Elohim, who its said, originally created The Grid are reactivating specific sites. The Geomancer is here to intelligently manipulate and co-operate with The Grid, harmonising the incoming energy streams, helping Earth to be a balanced life source within the negative thought forms we create.


The Oroboric Grid is comprised of 15 Earth traversing Dragon lines that make a complete energy circuit
around the Earth. These are not radiations from the nodes (Domes, energy centres), though they do 
interact with them. They are consistent lines of energy surrounding the Earth and containing the organic
film of Earth life and run above the Earth's surface, touching down in certain areas (Avebury).
          A well known example of an Oroboros line is the St. Micheal
Dragon ley in England. Dowsers trace its course for 380 miles, from
south west cornwall at Micheals Mount to north east Suffolk at Bury
St. Edmunds. It is dotted along the way with numerous churches and
megalithic sites. This line is much longer than 380 miles, it extends
entirely around the planet, joining itself again after 24,000 miles. Its
width varies at different points, at some areas as narrow as 4ft, while at
others several hundred yards.
          Oroboros lines particulary vary in width and intensity at nodal
points (Domes), and may have thousands of major and minor
treatment points arrayed along their length.
           These lines of energy encircling the planet have different
vibrations or colour, but gold is the main colour. After the birth of a
biological being (Earth), the primary energy lines determine the
nature of it's growth and enviroment (The Biosphere). 
            The overall oroboric grid incorporates the Dodecahedron
and the Icosahedron forming the Biosphere. The primary Ch'i
enters The Grid through the heart chakra (Avebury, Master Dome),
where it is distributed throughout the Oroboric Grid as emotion.



The Grid now operates in the 4th dimension as a function of crystal geometry, compromising the 5 platonic solids. Earth's mental body being the sphere of abstract thinking and concrete knowledge. In this Grid the 5 elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Ether) exsist in a more crystaline form, the platonic solids (Fire/Tetrahedron - Earth/Cube - Air/Octahedron - Water/Icosahedron and Ether/Dodecahedron). We can visulize this Grid as a multifaceted Crystal superimposed over the Earth. The Earth in it's mental body is a crystal recepter floating in space. Crystals can amplify and project thought forms, facilitate interdimensional communication, operate as tuning forks to certain individuals, recieve and transmit high energy, maintain balance and harmony, serve as batteries, are archetypal libraries, hold messages, history and codes. The Sun is our source of light, life and conciousness parameters, it is the centre of the Solar System with the Earth revolving around it through the 12 houses of the zodiac during 12 months. The Solar System is also a unified evolving being functioning within it's own light/life/conciousness within a larger controlling body. Like the Earth the Solar System has its own solar web with interpenetrating Grids. Our electromagnetic spectrum which the Sun dispenses and mediates through the Crystal/Mental Grid is both our home and our jail. The Crystal Grid represents the possible Grid doors out of this Sun imposed paridigam, holding the key to anti-gravity. The stellar grid restrictions can be transcended, here human conciousness can depart the Solar System, soaring into other dimensions, giving us freedom from gravity which is none other than weight of the mind/body/emotions bound by the linear time/space net of the grid. The Polyhedronic Grid is like a central distribution centre. The Platonic solids, in this model, recieve the energy impulses from the zodiac houses, other stars and planets, then distribute them down through the succeding 3 grids to the pyhsical Earth and our daily lives, all in accordance with the geometric design.


Like the brow chakra of a human, which is the seat of clairvoyance,
The Soul of Gaia is an interdimensional realm, essentially hidden and mostly intangible.
 It can pyhsically be entered through various meditative/geomantic doorways   
around the Earth. The Soul of Gaia operates by means of The Mobile Focus. 
This conciousness beam contains the inner soul awareness and evolutionary programme  
for Gaia and all her residents and is usually mediated 
to the pyhsical plane through the 4 succeeding grids.
The Mobile Focus is continually moving over the Earth's 
surface with no permantly fixed location. Theoretically it is fully
resident in one locality for about 100 years but with an overspill
of energy either side of this of 50 years, making 200 years total
prescence in one place. At the moment it is focused and coming
through Glastobury, England. The Mobile Focus operates by means
of a predetermined evolutionary activation mechanism. The Mobile
Focus is in accordance with a master plan, a vast far seeing tablet
of planetary destiny, over the Earth's surface, to resonate equally
at each culture, for each creed, for 200 year periods, facilitating the
implementation of Gaia's soul programs in the pyhsical domain of 
human culture. It is like a powerful spotlight of Colour/Sound/
Vibration/Energy shone steadily over a specific region. It's agenda
is uplifting human conciousness into knowledge of the master
plan. Here is Gaia's soul telling her and us the reason and purpose
for our exsistence as an inhabited planet.
                Gaia's karma is largley the result of our ill informed 
actions over milennia, when Gaia is appreiciated as a sentient,
coherent, living being then we will awake in horror at the 
injuries we've inflicted upon her.


The Meagalithic Culture accomplished it's spiritual engineering by means of the landscape Stone Temple. These Temples (i.e. Stonhenge, Abor Low, Rollright) functioned as a recieving station for direct influences from the heavenly constellations and Earth energies thereby uniting Heaven and Earth, all connecting through the Electromagnetic Grid. The extent and abundance of Megalithic sites in Britain alone is staggering. Estimates state there are still 1000 stonechambers, at least 30,000 barrows, 900 stone circles, 3000 hillforts and countless thousands of single standing stones all at varying stages of decay and neglect. The names are multiple and various for the scientific megalithic engineering : Cromlech, Dolmen, Cairns, Stone Row, Pyramid etc.. These are best appreiciated as some of the many precise geomantic tools for conciousness technology once employed by the Master Geomancers of Gaia. The Earth's core, made up of molten iron, conducts electric currents which amplify magnetic fields. The electromotive force is drawn off through the Electromagnetic Grid centres (megalithic sites) from which free and inexhaustable supplies of energy can be drawn. Quote by John Michell 'A great scientific instrument lies sprawled over the entire surface of the Globe. The vast scale of prehistoric engineering is not yet generally recognized'.


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